EV Chargers at Home & Office? 10 Essential Questions Answered

In this guide, we will answer the following questions;

  1. How much does it cost to install an electric car charger at home?

  2. Can I get an OLEV Grant? What other EV grants are available?

  3. How to I claim an EV charger grant?

  4. I live in a flat. Can I get a charger installed?

  5. I rent my property. Can I get a charger installed?

  6. How long will it take to install my charge point?

  7. I’m moving home. Can I get a 2nd EV grant?

  8. If I buy a new car, will I still be able to use the same charge point?

  9. How long does an electric car take to charge?

  10. How do I get more information on EV charger installations?

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How much does it cost to install an Electric Car Charger AT HOME?

Installation of a home charging point typically costs from £200 supplied and fitted (after grant). A number of variables, however, can affect the cost of installation. The main variables are;

  • Distance between your home and the preferred installation point

  • Requirement for any ground-works

  • Type of charger requested.

Lower cost EV installations are typically those where the property has got a garage attached and the garage has its own power supply.

Where a new power supply is required, this will involve additional cable work which adds to the cost. In addition to cabling work, the type of charger selected will also have a bearing on price.

Wall mounted chargers are generally cheaper and can be mounted inside a garage or on a wall beside your driveway.

Where a driveway is located some distance from your main property, a more expensive free-standing charging unit will be required along with additional cabling and possible ground works. In these cases it’s impossible to estimate the costs in advance, but our engineers will be able to provide a full breakdown and explanation of the works required.

CaN I GET AN OLEV GRANT? What OTHER EV charger grants are available?

The OLEV scheme is a fantastically generous scheme allowing you to claim £500 towards the cost of installing a charge point in your home. If you live in Scotland, in addition to the OLEV grant, the Energy Savings Trust can offer a further £300 towards the cost.

Under the OLEV scheme you don’t even need to own an electric car to be able to benefit from the grant. As long as you can show a need for an EV home charging point, such as a visiting family member owns an electric vehicle, the you are able to access the OLEV grant.

At Evolution we take all our clients through the entire process from sign-up to installation to grant claim to after care.

How do I claim an EV charging grant?

The first stage in the grants process is to arrange a site survey. Our engineers will visit your property within 48 hours and carryout an initial survey of your property to gain enough information to provide you with a detailed quotation. Once you have the quotation and are satisfied to proceed, we’ll assist you in completing the paperwork and submitting the grant application to both OLEV and the Energy Savings Trust.

The grant providers will review the application and confirm your eligibility for the grant. Once verified, we will be able to install within 3 working days.

Due to the grant processing times, we generally state 14 days from site survey to full installation,

I live in a flat. Can I get an EV charger installed?

Many people think that because they live in a flat, electric vehicles are not a practical option. This is not necessarily the case. Yes, the installation process will require more consultation with factors and other owners, but where there is a shared car park installations will not be a major issue.

If you live in a block of flats, give us a call and we can speak to your factor on your behalf.

i rent my home. Can I get an ev charging Grant?

Yes. Grants are based on an individuals need and ownership of an electric vehicle not on the ownership of their property.

If you live in a rented property, as long as you get permission from the owner, there will be no issue in getting a charge point installed.

How long will it take to install an EV home charger?

Due to demand, the grant process from both OLEV and the Energy Savings Trust can take up to 2 weeks before approval. After approval, we aim to fit within 3 days.

Note, if you are not interested in claiming the grant, we can provide you with a quotation and install within days.

I’m moving House. Can I get another EV Grant?

Unfortunately you can only get 1 grant per person. However, if you are moving house, our engineers will be able to disconnect the older unit and relocate to your new property. This will save you on the full installation cost of a completely new unit.

If I buy a new car, will the EV charger work with the new Vehicle?

The actual EV charge points that we install are all universal and can charge the vast majority of vehicles. If you have a car with a type 1 socket and change your car for one with a type 2 socket, all you need to do is purchase a new EV cable. The charger stays the same.

Read our EV cable guide for more details.


Home charging units are usually rated at 3kw or 7kw. Workplace charging units can exceed 22kw. However, the maximum rate of charge is determined by the vehicle, so if your car battery maximum charge rate is 7kw then charging with a 22kw powerpoint won’t charge the battery any faster.

Where do I get more information on EV charger installations?

If you would like more information on electric car charging point installations please fill out the form below and one of our engineers will get back to you.

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