OLEV Grants for EV Charger Installations

As approved EV charger installers, we have access to both the OLEV grant and Energy Savings Trust EV grants allowing you to benefit from up to £800 towards the installation of an electric car charging point at your home.

The OLEV scheme is a fantastically generous scheme allowing you to substantially reduce installing a charge point in your home.

At Evolution we take all our clients through the entire process from sign-up to installation to grant claim to after care.

Click here to read our 10 point guide to home chargers.

Installation costs typically cost between £150 and £300 supplied and fitted (after grant) depending on the type of charger and location of the charger in relation to your home.

Installing your EV charger with Evolution will be efficient and seamless giving you the piece of mind and freedom to travel to work without a care in the world!


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