Zap Map

Working in a way that is not too dissimilar to Google Maps, Zap Map is a fantastic resource that allows electric and hybrid vehicle owners to easily locate the nearest EV charger by simply entering their location.

The information found on Zap Map is compiled primarily from the charge point networks as well as dynamic live data integrated for the majority of UK networks. This is supplemented by information from other sources including Open Charge Map, private networks, dealership groups and Zap-Map contributors.

Zap Map uses a three-colour system to help distinguish the different charge speeds of electric vehicle charge points in the area, with yellow = slow (<5kW), blue = fast (7-22kW) and pink = rapid (43+kW), as well as duel colour icons which signifies that a charger has multiple charge speeds.

In order to be sure you are able to use a charge point before you travel, Zap Map allows you to cancel out certain criteria from your search such as removing taxi only charge points and clicking on the EV charger icon brings up a selection of information about the EV charge point, such as the status of the charger and any reported issues.

As well as reporting any technical issues with a charge point, users are able to select ‘Report ICEd’ which makes other users aware that there is an ICE vehicle (Internal Combustion Engine vehicle) parked in the charging bay. This lets other users know that the charge point is unable for use due to being blocked rather than a technical fault.

Registering with Zap Map also allows users to plan a journey so that electric car charging points may be located along the way.


Similar to Zap Map, Chargemap offers a comprehensive and regularly updated map of electric car charging points across the globe. Although registration is required in order to use the full set of features, it is free to use and the features are well worth signing up for.

As well as helping to ease the locating of EV chargers, Charge Map also offers the ‘Chargemap Pass’, a swipe card designed for paying for electric car charging points but with extra bonuses. Unlike a lot of other swipe cards, the ‘Chargemap Pass’ is compatible with a number of growing networks across Europe and France, so there is no need to register with multiple providers.

As a pay as you go service, the ‘Chargemap Pass’ is invoiced at the end of each month, meaning you are not tied into any subscription plan and subsequently, only pay for what is used.

The combination of a great product and fantastic customer service means the Chargemap are a company that should be on the radar every EV driver.

As well as available online, Charge Map also have an app which is available for download here.